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Lately I've been so into FB's Cafe World...  Playing as if I was starting my own little cafe. How I wished it would come true... (Boss, jangan marah ya...) Wondering where to start, I browsed through some simple baking recipes, and look what I've found... (It was a wild click)
Got all necessary ingredients except for ovallette, which I didn't know what it was. Anyway, mixed everything accordingly and put to steamer. Well, I actually forgot to grease my stainless steel pan before pouring my cake batter. Still it turned out okay. 
Hubby almost fell asleep waiting to have a slice of it. He knew his wife hardly bake bah... ;) Anyway, it was worth waiting. Hubby loves  its soft, moist and aromatic taste. By the time we were done enjoying this slice of yummy-licious cake, it was almost 11:30pm. (No wonder the belly looks bigger...) XD

Cake was enough to feed a family of 10 and my 2 colleagues
To try this recipe (Malay) : Kek Prune Kukus Leen

It's Durian Season!
Evelyn, my 2nd sis is the queen of durian in our house. She heard that a family friend's organic farm is bearing abundant organic durians ready for sale... It was RM5/kg. Lil Rosanna begged her mom to buy some durians, so she did. Memang kaki durian (I'm totally not a fan). As soon as my hubby heard there are durians (free makan) at home, he stormed right away to help open the fruits and have his fingers dip in straight... Look at what gems she's got:

They look so yummy in my thought...

See how big a fruit is??? It's bigger than Lil Rosanna's mouth!!!
This lil gal is really the next kaki durian after her mom...
Eee!!! I want to own this kind of kopitiam!!! 
I love the atmosphere, sooo classic n cozy
Location: Wisma Merdeka, 2F food court

From entrance: Feels as if I was gone back to the past

Cozy... Cozy...

Classic feel

Where to get this kind of table n stools?

Love the decor

Nice railing 

I can't rate the food because haven't tried all the food served at the stalls. But this place is definitely best for yamcha lah