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Trip to Tg. Aru Beach  30.12.2009
The kiddos want to go and play sand but no swimming. 5pm MIL drove her school bus full of kiddos n SILs followed along. BILs and friends went to island for a day trip. Me n hubby drove there to meet up with them. Weather was great. Earlier light shower make the air fresher, very refreshing.

All kiddos of Caroline, Rose Mary n Florence From left: Holly, Luvie, Arthur, Isadora, Annette, Ashley, Audrey

Lovely sistas

Sexy post ay?

 Kiddo Luvie's 1st time walking on the beach kaki ayam (bare feet) As soon as her bare feet touched the sand, she started feeling the strange ground, eventually she ran around the beach.

 Proud mama Florence's daughter loved the beach

 Arthur superboy chasing waves

 Scenic sunset view at Prince Philip Park, 1st Beach

 Serene view of 1st Beach, blessed with good weather for sunset viewing

Cuzzie Shasha's Wedding 

Natasha Robbie Makajil married to Phan Dhin Lam Vy Venue: PUTERA Ballroom, Bukit Padang

Natasha, daughter of aunt Juliana Michael Nanak (My MIL's youngest sister)

Siblings of Natasha wearing traditional Kadazan costume. Very interesting intermarriage, Natasha is born Kadazan-Malaysian and Lam Vy is born Vietnamese-Australian. Adorable loving couple. All the best for them.

Gorgeous ladies (SIL Rose Mary, me, SIL Florence)

BILs: Sham (Florence's husband) n Fabian (Rose Mary's husband)

 Sham's childhood friends: Sree n Simi.  The 3 of them formed the 3 stroogers

Sree's no-name dance and cuzzie wearing Papar Distric costume

Sorry, hubby. Didn't manage to take his pic.  He's a camera shy-guy anyway ;)

Happy Birthday to me!  26.12.2009
Yes, how old am I now? Kind of lost track, n that's not really a big deal. Most importantly, I wished to thank the Almighty for giving me a wonderful hubby who's still loving me soooo much! My family, my in-laws for having been around and still stay close as a family, enjoying good health, peace and prosperity.
So, we planned a bbq stemboat - kampung family style. As early as 7am, hubby n I went to KK wet market for steamboat ingredients. Loved the experience for the fact that it's so much cheaper to buy at the market than supermarket.

Didn't take many pictures of our ingredients though except for my favorite (and everybody's favorite) steamed prune cake. 

 1st time organising family steamboat at kampung. SIL Caroline helped in preparing food.
Carolling from Maang Christian Community that came around 10pm n sang us joyful, merry Christmas songs
All SILs surprised me with a cute elephant cuppy. I loved it! So sweet of them. XOXOXO

Lucky me!…
Merry Christmas 2009!

It's Christmas time! It's always an exciting time around year end awaiting many wonderful events to be celebrated.

On Christmas Day, MIL and SILs cooked lunch. hard to resist kampung meal. MIL cooked steamed chicken, soy sauced chicken with mushroom n veggies, curry chicken, etc... Yum-yum... Mommy's cooking n home cook food is always the best food in the world.

My Christmas pressie for MIL. She's such a lovely mom, always owed her BIG thanks for having a wonderful son who married me. Muah :*