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This picture was taken on my wedding reception 30.12.2006 at Dewan Tun Fuad Stephen (L-R) Pang Zhen Hui, Me, Sharon Liew, Heather Sario

Have you ever wonder how many childhood friends you can keep in touch for life?

Heather Sario, a friend whom I've met since I was 8 and she was only 5. We both came from different family background, yet we became buddies to each other and still is today. We used to say that we'll be buddies till we grow old (Thanks to Glen Nettle's buddy system, very long story to cut short) Now, we've been friends for 25 years... Gosh, Heather! We've just hit our silver anniversary for our long-running friendship! Definitely must celebrate this. ;)

On Tuesday (2.2.2010) Aunt Joanne Sario called to ask for our confirmation to Heather's wedding reception. Though I was still waiting to receive the invitation card through my sis Jenny, But OF COURSE i'll be attending my BFF's wedding!

So tonight is the night! Can't wait to have …
Finally! We have a place to call 
"Hamin Dagai" (Our Home)

Well, it's not exactly that we didn't have a home before this, but because this was the 1st house we bought, so both hubby n I are super excited about it. In fact, we've made the offer since Feb. 2009 and after a whole year of long wait, we finally got all paperworks done.

Will update on the progress. We're yet to start the home reno, more shopping and purchasing later on.

Me & My Mr. Right 02.02.2010

This photo was taken at our wedding reception held at Dewan Tun Fuad Stephen, Penampang on 30th Dec 2006
I found this picture while sorting my picture folder in my laptop. There were pictures which I've scanned  from the hard copies taken during our wedding. 
It feels as if it was just not long ago that I started courting this wonderful man, my Mr. Right, my hubby. Now you can see my ticker above showing how long since we got married.
Looking back, we really had great time courting each other. Perhaps I should compile my stories for you guys some time in the future?  :)
Anyway, this year is a great year for us. Since we finally owned our own "nest", we can finally settle down. This can be another chapter to tell. 
Hubby's birthday is coming this 7th. Now all I want is to plan a romantic event for us... Hmm... n I'm still thinking of what to do for that day...
恭喜发财!Time flies soooo fast!! 

Here I am counting the events just for February, i'll be celebrating:-

07th Feb. 2010 - Hubby's birthday13th Feb. 2010 - Dinner Reunion at my Papa's house14th Feb. 2010 - 1st day of Chinese New Year (Get ready angpows)14th Feb. 2010 - Valentine's Day (A day to remember our love n life conpanion)15th Feb. 2010 - Visit Papa's house. Give angpows to children, (Nephews n nieces) the unmarried or yet-to-get-married siblings. But since years back, our family started the custom for married daughters to give angpows our parents instead. In a way, this is to show our filial piety towards our parents during the New Year.21st Feb. 2010 - My childhood buddy Heather is getting married... Woohoo! Congrats! How I missed you girl sooo dearly...