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Last Sunday, I went to Papa's house for lepakking when hubby's not around.

Look what scenario I found? Whenever BB is not in, Bobby will go to Boy. Bobby was willing to move to the max to get closer to Boy. How lovely...

I don't know why is that that they always have love-hate moments:-

If BB's around: Boy bullies Bobby, Bobby barks at Boy, Boy get scolded by BB.

If BB's not in: Bobby gets attached with Boy. If Boy bullies Bobby, Bobby don't mind... But wait until his mommy comes home...

I guess Bobby just want to be loved...

Recently I've been thinking about removing my earthly attachments. One of them is my everyday mood booster -- Teh-C.

Or should I blame my papa for grooming me to be a tea drinker? Ever since I could remember since 2 or 3 years old, papa always take me to Inanam kopitiam for breakfast. We'd share the same cup of tea, and he poured some into a saucer to let me sip slowly. Now, we'd have 1.5 cup of tea sometimes. First, we order 1 cup each, then when finished, order another cup again to share with each other, half-half.

So that's 30 years of tea drinking, and particularly Teh-C, and the never-can-forget "yamcha" experience with my papa.

Today I've decided to give a try of kopi instead. There's Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam around my office area. Tried the Borneo white coffee and set of toast. Kopi is aromatic, but I wished it was hotter so I can sip the kopi while it's still hot. Kaya butter toast is at average.

So where else can I enjo…
Home Sweet Homie!

Oh I'm so so excited that finally we're moving in to our new house soon!

Home reno is progressing very smoothly.

I'm yet to jot down the progress and share with you. Will update our house progress soon kio!

Best regards,