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Recently I've been thinking about removing my earthly attachments. One of them is my everyday mood booster -- Teh-C.

Or should I blame my papa for grooming me to be a tea drinker? Ever since I could remember since 2 or 3 years old, papa always take me to Inanam kopitiam for breakfast. We'd share the same cup of tea, and he poured some into a saucer to let me sip slowly. Now, we'd have 1.5 cup of tea sometimes. First, we order 1 cup each, then when finished, order another cup again to share with each other, half-half.

So that's 30 years of tea drinking, and particularly Teh-C, and the never-can-forget "yamcha" experience with my papa.

Today I've decided to give a try of kopi instead. There's Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam around my office area. Tried the Borneo white coffee and set of toast. Kopi is aromatic, but I wished it was hotter so I can sip the kopi while it's still hot. Kaya butter toast is at average.

So where else can I enjoy a nice cuppa? Please let me know, I shall tag my cuzzie Celine along. ;)

p/s: The original toast was supposed to be round, the picture you saw was taken only after I've had some bites. So hopefully no query on the size of toast ya. :P


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