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DIY Birthday invitation card for Rosanna Ku

Greetings! Kopivosian!

Remember my niece Lil' Rosanna? Or we would call her Mei-Mei (The little girl) in the family.

Mei-Mei with her birdie eyes
Well, it's her birthday coming. She's celebrating her birthday on Monday, 19 July 2010 at school during school recess. She has asked her mom for a "homemade" birthday cake so she could bring to school. And my job? It's to design her birthday invitation cards for her little friends and teachers at school.

Mei-Mei and Uncle McD at Kingfisher, Likas
Mei-Mei is turning 6 this year. Since she loves Disney characters so much, especially Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, I've decided to design her invitation card with the theme she loves most. :)
I stumbled on a fantastic website that creates Mickey and Minnie invitation cards for sale from Lisa's handmade invitation cards. Since it's impossible for me to order from Lisa, I decided to do my own version of DIY birthday card for Mei-Mei. There was no tutorials in Lisa&#…

My home office - Part 1

Greetings! Kopivosian!
Today I officially started my home office project from a very humble beginning. As you can see my home office has only a desk and chair and that's totally okay.

The desk is a give-away from my boss (Mr. Fang) which I love! The chair? It's only temporary, found it somewhere at a corner of my house. I've already got a kind donor (My lovely sista -- Jenny) who is giving me not one but two! (Yoohoo!) executive chairs. So it's going to be a 'He" and "She" exec chairs soon.

I totally don't mind the "bumps and bruises" of the furnitures at all. I've seen bloggers actually "revived" some old furnitures and they look even more gorgeous than their "previous life". I'm loving the idea of "giving life to used items". And in support to "green" idea, hubby and I will not buy anything new unless necessary.
So what kind of home office I have in mind? Nothing fancy, all must be practical…

Home Office Storage on a Dime!

Greetings! Kopivosian!
Well, I've long been thinking about having my own home office. So when we purchased our house, I've specifically requested a room for "our" home office. Yes! It's been approved by my director -- hubby. Yeay! 
I came across an interesting headline from and found many lovely ideas. How nice if we can always spend very minimum cash to do beautiful makeovers to our house. Just a little sneak peek, here's some of my favorite decor ideas.

(pictures extracted from Check this out! for more ideas.

To some of you, maybe you've been dreaming of having your own office or workstation someday. Let's spare some time to create our comfy space for our own business. When mine is done, will update you soon. ;)
Have a great day!
Penny Manson

Do-it-yourself (I can do it!) Steel can lanterns

Greetings! Kopivosian!
We had a wet kitchen extension -- 20' x 25'. It's huge, huge enough to allow my MIL to cook and serve guests of say 50 people at once I think. My Director-of-the-Mansion a.k.a. hubby has requested a little "Man's corner @ Mini bar" and I've allowed that. Weehee! This means I can organise my girlies' drinking session at home too! Huhu~ 

I know this picture hardly shows the kitchen area because now it's still under reno and the place was dark with bright sunny shining in. The allocated "Mini Bar" corner is on the left of this pic. I can't wait to start my own decor soon.
Anyway, my idea for our mini bar would be rustic, if possible build one with salvaged planks for the counter top and put up cozy lightings to compliment the atmosphere. I'd love to have these steel can lanterns to spice up the atmosphere. They look so lovely and romantic and not difficult to make.
* Picture extracted from Design*Sponge.  Thanks

House Cleaning #1 (Repost from 28/6/2010)

Greetings! Kopivosian!

I dunno what I've done, I just lost the previous post. He're I'm re-posting my house cleaning progress again. (Jangan marah, ya :)

Last weekend, I've decided to take a day off from work to sort out my own stuff. One of the things I'm yet to start is cleaning our new house. After the paint job done by Hans (our part time paint guy), he left paint stains everywhere around the floor lace. So hubby and I started cleaning the lace around Bedroom 2, at upstairs. While chatting, I decided to clean the switches. Without realizing the effect of my hard scrubbing, my hubby was totally amazed with the result.
Look at my hardworking hubby concentrating on his floor lace scrapping and scrubbing.
I've used a simple cleaning solution with these items: Flat scrapper, scrub pad, cleaning towel, AMWAY L.O.C. multi-purpose cleaner -- my best cleaning buddy. Love using it, since it's gentle to my sensitive skin, and won't cause skin irritation. I presse…