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DIY Birthday invitation card for Rosanna Ku

Greetings! Kopivosian!

Remember my niece Lil' Rosanna? Or we would call her Mei-Mei (The little girl) in the family.

Mei-Mei with her birdie eyes

Well, it's her birthday coming. She's celebrating her birthday on Monday, 19 July 2010 at school during school recess. She has asked her mom for a "homemade" birthday cake so she could bring to school. And my job? It's to design her birthday invitation cards for her little friends and teachers at school.

Mei-Mei and Uncle McD at Kingfisher, Likas

Mei-Mei is turning 6 this year. Since she loves Disney characters so much, especially Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, I've decided to design her invitation card with the theme she loves most. :)

I stumbled on a fantastic website that creates Mickey and Minnie invitation cards for sale from Lisa's handmade invitation cards. Since it's impossible for me to order from Lisa, I decided to do my own version of DIY birthday card for Mei-Mei. There was no tutorials in Lisa's website, so I used whatever materials available for me.

My mouse head pattern cut out according to size and shape

FYI, I only spent less than MYR10 to make 40 cards. It's for a quick do and totally low budget DIY project. Of course it's done with patience and lots of love for my little niece. ;)  I used art papers (for mouse head and content of card), manila cards (to add extra colours), plastic buttons and fabric ribbon  for card accessories. Managed to make 40 cards for her. 

Partially done product

Mei-Mei carefully check on her name list and wrote each name with care

Mei-Mei has invited 22 little classmates, and 13 teachers in her kindergarten. She personally wrote all the names on the invitation cards all by herself. Took her awhile though to complete the loooong name list, with a couple breaks in between to stretch her little fingers and continued her beautiful writing. I was so moved by the big efforts she has made, and I think that's so, so cute!

** Hi! thanks for following up on Rosanna's story. Here's to catch up with what happened on Rosanna's birthday. Enjoy!

Elephant Myspace Icon 2 Penny Manson


  1. They turned out adorable! Great thinking printing the invite out to use as a pattern for the head. Love the bows too. Thanks for linking! Hope the party is a hit!!


  2. Thanks to you, Lisa. Little Rosanna's birthday was a blast! Even teachers and headmistress wanted to keep the invitation cards for remembrance. Glad I found your blog. :)

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