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Signage for Margaret's Passion

Greetings! Kopivosian!

In preparation for setting up a flea market stall for Margaret's Passion at Megalong @ Mega Long Shopping Complex last weekend (14th & 15th Aug 2010), my responsibility was to design an interesting signage for our stall.

Since Evelyn is a seamstress, I went digging at her shop looking for some ideas for our signage on the eve of the event. I grabbed almost all her collections of buttons, ribbons, beads and stuff.
Then just when I was about to start, there was a blackout from 7pm until 11:30pm. Arrggh! What a bummer... Anyhow, I started almost 12 midnight and finished my design at 4am.

At 12am, I was still thinking, and the board was still blank.  But hubby was already sweet dreaming away...
Then at 1am, ideas started popping out and design started to appear... Yeay...
By 2am, more ideas bursting out from my head... The signage is finally taking to its shape...
Isn't it gorgeous? :) Especially when it's done by hand... I'm loving it now... :)
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No more deadlines, please

Greetings! Kopivosian!
I've been super occupied with these list of things piling up waiting to be done:-
Work - deadline: No deadlines, only instantWong Loong Family Tree update - deadline: 15 Aug 2010Home Reno - deadline: 15 Aug 2010Home moving - deadline: 29 Aug 2010Little sister's pre-wedding (Makan Pitas) - deadline: 31 Aug 2010Little sister's church wedding preparation - deadline: 17 Sep 2010

At times I thought my head just can't cope with so many things at a time, but thank God, I'm still alive! Ha!
My great way for a-get-away from hectic thoughts is to think of moving into our new home soon. My mind can just start unwind and calm down. Exactly, this would be my, no, it's "our", me and hubby's comfort zone, our nest, our little mansion for us to settle down as a family. Ha... Isn't this every little woman's dream for happiness? When I think of my happiness, our home, I can just smile and dream away a little, and think no deadlines... :)