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Who wants some vanilla ice cream?

Greetings! Kopivosian!

Do you know what this UFO-like thing is? Well, that's my mini ice cream maker. Hee! :)
I've long thought about how nice it would be that when we move into our "mansion", I can do lots of desserts and enjoy at home. So when we finally got our refrigerator (after almost 2 years of living without one), last night was "the" night to make some home made desserts while watching Crime Scene Investigation (CSI): New York at Channel AXN. 
The recipe was very simple given by a kind lady, named Grace, who sold me this cute gadgy at You can check here for more details. Grace also gave a copy of her English translated ice cream recipes which are super easy to make. I chose to make the simplest recipe -- Vanilla ice cream. 
1 can of NESTLE cream (approx. 300g)  1 small can of condensed milk (approx. 400g) 2 tsp of vanilla extract
Mixed all the ingredients with my fantastic kitchen assistant's help -- PHILIPS food processor, then …

Kuih cempedak (Cempedak fritters)

Greetings! Kopivosian!
I know I should be updating on the house move and the condition as requested (by some of you). Honestly house moving was really, really tiring. Since we've moved into our lovely home on 29 Aug, we've been sleeping like dead logs. So, so tired. Anyway, as I settled down with our home, I'll continue to update, I promise. :)
I want to share with you my exciting experiment in making kuih cempedak. I've checked on Wikipedia, there's no English name to this fruit -- Cempedak. All that's known is that Cempedak is a cousin of Jackfruit a.k.a. Nangka. Well, it was given to me by my mother in law. She asked me make sure to eat it. Since I've got some baking ingredients, my initial thought was to bake a cempedak cake. But hubby kept begging for kuih cempedak (fritters), so ok lah, I'd fry them all.
The Jackfruit's cousin, once ripen, has a strong smell and unique taste -- honey creamy, aromatic, and super sweet! Really is best to make kuih …