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The Manson family

Here's to my super fantastic hubby and his family. Thanks for making me part of your family. I love you so much. It is amazing how God has sent me a great lover, now husband and his loving family. 

The Manson family: FIL, RM, MIL, F, R, C
Oh, look at my hubby, isn't he cute??? He's still my cute guy now. ;)

The Manson siblings: C, R, RM, F

On the day we became Mr. and Mrs. Manson. Like it just happened yesterday...

We had a family reunion for relatives from my father in law- The Wong Loong Clan on 23/10/2010. Whole family attended. MIL was the caterer for the event catered for about 800 people. RM arrived from Sipitang with her children: I, H and A. Sadly, her hubby F had to go offshore to work. :( F, her hubby S, and daughter, little L flew back from Kuala Lumpur. C brought all the daughters: Au, As and An.

The kiddos. All are growing up so fast!

Before all have to return to their respective homes, we had a family gathering - Bbq dinner. 
We also celebrated lil L's 3rd birthday in advance.

Happy birthday lil L :)

It was really nice to have the whole family gather in our "little mansion". 
R and I missed all the laughters and fun we've had. Can't wait to see them again during Christmas soon. 

May God bless our family. XOXO :)

*Pictures from Manson family photo archive, RM, MV


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