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Rosanna's 6th birthday party

Remember I did a special DIY project for Rosanna's birthday? 
Well, it turned out to be the most memorable birthday for her. I'm so so happy for her
I didn't manage to keep a copy of the card for myself cause all were given away.

 Rosanna asked her mom if she could bake a birthday cake for her to bring to school. 
Even though Evelyn may not be good in baking, but she did it anyway.
Her talent as a seamstress has turned the cake decor beautifully with 
pink polka dots ribbon tied around it. 

Rosanna happily received birthday gifts from her friends. 
Evelyn told me that a week before, Rosanna distributed her birthday invitation cards. 
On that day, all her little friends turned up and brought her birthday gifts. 
She was thrilled! Who wouldn't? :)

 Hand washing time! They all lined up to the washroom to clean up before meal. 
Cheeky Rosanna still get to play a little with her little friends.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6 candles. Now she's 6 years old.
How time flies! This little girl is growing up so fast. Unbelievable. ^^

 They all said Grace before meal.

May God bless this little lovely angel and make her wishes come true. :)

 Alrighty! Candle blowing time. Everybody sing "Happy birthday to you..."

 Yoohoo! Happy birthday Rosanna Ku. 
Aunty Jumbo loves you much! :)

Rosanna and her mom, my elder sister -- Evelyn

Pictures courtesy from sis JennyReo n hubby Ken Min. 
(Thanks for making time to attend Mei's birthday party)


  1. Happy belated birthday to Rosana! She is sooooo pretty! And Ah-Bong's cake is so cute! :)


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