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New valentines - Pups

Hi all! It's now passed Valentine's day. How have you spent time with your loved ones? As for me and hubby, this year's celebration top up with new love -- pups. My brother Canny reluctantly gave away these pups because he didn't have the time and space for them. So, they came to our house. :)

Pup #1 - Bandit Bambangan @ Dibo
Dibo is fun, playful and a big eater. He's got a beautiful and unique feature that my sis Bibi, a makeup stylist said as if he had drawn eye liner on his eyes. Cute! :)

Pup #2 - Husky Hinava @ Hushky-Boy
Husky's like a lion or huskyish. Cute huh? :)

They definitely have lighten up our lives and will keep us busy from now on. :)

Organise my Home office

Yeay! I de-cluttered my work desk. :)

These bills and receipts were accumulated since last year. Imagine that's how long I've been "taking my sweet time". So now I've aimed to sort out what's in this basket and get to do filing.

 I created categories and labeled the shoe boxes. This makes it easier for me to set up filing later.

 My little office companion -- Jumbo, happily sitting in my pen holder.

 Once receipts are cleared, I found myself a cute rattan basket for small items. Nice!

 Here goes the bills and receipts to respective categories and get sorted out, ready to be filed. Those unnecessary papers would be either reused on the blank side or dispose off.

I was too embarrased to show you the "before" desk condition but am now happy to share with you my "after" effect of home office organise.

Fortune cookie

My little niece, Rosanna gave me a fortune cookie. The little note stuffed inside the cookie reads:

"Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought"
Oh wow! To live life and simplify. That's exactly what I need. I'm yet to improve my time management at home because I kept postponing my home projects. 
So no more lazy bum taking sweet time. I'm starting my 1st project -- Organise my home office.
I've done google search on "How to organise home office". I'm so glad that there are many tips available on the internet. Some bloggers even shared their inspirations on home organise. One of my favorite blogs is Chez Larsson. Benita is truly my inspiration to be happy living in our own home and make it lovely and comfy. 
So action time! Till I update my progress. :)

Happy Chinese New Year

For those of you who celebrates Chinese New Year -- Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I started this year with lots of good arrangements. Praise the Lord. :)

I've not only joined a good company, have a good team mates at work, and we've been having lots of fun at work and outside of work.

At home, our new house is taking its shape, feeling more homey, although I've still got lots to sort out. I'm taking comfy steps to make things work now. Really looking forward to exercise my creative mind for home makeover and craft projects, so I can share with you all here. :)

May the year of rabbit brings you the best of luck and even greater joy, prosperity and happiness. Cheers!

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