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Bringing pups to vet for jebs

This morning Dibo and Husky were scheduled for 2nd vaccination. But it was my 1st time taking them to the vet accompanied by my sister Bibiana. Pretty nervous though for what's unexpected but surprisingly they were super steady and cool! No crying when they took the jebs which makes this proud pup momma so happy.

This is how behaved they were when waiting for their turn outside the vet clinic on a sunny Sunday. Oh, and they enjoyed riding in my car with no messing around. That's my boys. :)

YouTube - earthhour's Channel

Hey earth links, let's celebrate Earth Hour. :)
I used to wonder how life would be without our lovely home called earth. We realised our efforts to save energy for 1 hour does make great impact to the whole world, not just slightly lower electricity bill.
Hub and I have pledged to participate in Earth Hour and turn the lights off for 1 hour. How about you?