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Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) - 30th & 31st May 2011

Hey friends! Have I gone M.I.A in May? Well here's what I've been up to for my buzzing month of May. :)
Since last year, I started helping my MIL and her partners run their "cafe lounge" business in KDCA. They won the bid on a cultural house named Walai Ranau, which literally means House of Ranau. It's a wooden little house raised up and with high roof shed. I was hired as cashier cum book-keeper. It was quiet fun for a  family and friends business.
We started operating business since 16/5/2011 and ended on 31/5/2011. During the last 2 days -- the peak of Harvest Festival celebration turned out really crazy this year. The crowd, whether local or tourists would hang out in the cultural village till wee hours, drunk and some even refused to go home. The weather was humid, with no rain for few days, for that we sold lots of mineral water, isotonic drinks, soft drinks and beers. My MIL would cook some pusas, some snacks for customers to eat while drinking. Budweiser be…