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My boys: Dibo & Husky

Recently my blog writing has come to stagnant. I've been very much in a "doggy mom" mood for my boys: Dibo & Husky. I'm loving being a pup momma, what can I say?
Back in six months ago, hubby and I adopted these puppies -- Bandit Bambangan a.k.a. Dibo and Husky Hinava. Day by day we watched them grow -- from puppies to teenage pups, and now they're growing real fast into becoming adult dogs. 
We don't have any kids yet. So naturally our parenting love goes to these pups. Just like any mom and dad, we often spoil our "children". Hubby and I often would sneak to the back of kitchen just to check on the "kiddos" if they're doing fine, or watch them sleep for a while and be content that they're growing well. To discipline them, we learn to observe their behavior and we watch  Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer to be a pack leader.
Now, at eight months old, we're yet to determine their breed type. They're turning "teenage&qu…