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Godparenting #1 - Chinese New Year shopping

Last year, I made a resolution on my birthday. Instead of wishing something for myself, I wished that hub and I may fulfill a good cause: to be godparents to my nieces RK1 and RK2. 
This decision was made after a deep consideration on my sister EK's physical condition - A widow, sole breadwinner in the family, and recently doctor found out her glucose is way off from normal. In short, she's not too well.
I made the 1st move by inviting RK2 to stay with us during Christmas holidays when my SILs came back for family gathering and stayed with us with the rest of Manson grandkids. RK2 enjoyed herself so much she looks forward to stay overnight with us since then.
It's Chinese New Year, so I offered to buy them new clothing for the 1st time. RK1 and RK2 absolutely enjoyed their shopping experience, and they both get to choose their own clothing.

 From left: RK2 (age:8) and RK1 (age:14) Hub commented why RK1's dress so short? Well, that's suppose to go with a black legging, d…

Baby sister's birthday dinner

Papa, JV, EK, Me, BM

B, thanks for the birthday dinner last night. It was a great meal.

Here's to you, my baby sister

To my dearest sister - BM,
I wanted to tell you how much I love you and since today is your birthday, I wanted to shout it out loud to the whole cyber world. You see, you were such a cheeky kid before and you used to drive me nuts.
Even now, you're still the same cheeky one except you've grown up and you're enjoying a good life, married a wonderful man and have a successful career. And I always love you because God has sent me a fabulous baby sister. How can I complain?
If you don't mind, here's how your cheeky face look like:-
 Then: Our beautiful late mom, nephew BW, You, nephew GW 

Now: You - Married and still cheeky
Please don't be mad at me because you deserve to be praised. And in case if anyone ask me what my pretty baby sister is doing right now: My gorgeous sister is a make-up artist and you can check her out here.
God bless you always, BM.

Have you got a baby dragon yet?

Hello everybody! Happy New Year 2012! Oh how I miss my blog journal… Hope you all are well dearies.
This year (2012) is my auspicious year – The year of Dragon. *Rooooar* Chinese generally believe the year of dragon is an auspicious year. Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I'm more or less officially entering the 3rd cycle of the year of dragon. Am I that obvious in revealing my age? Oh gee, my hair has already started betraying me if you know what I mean. *wink*
Many of my friends and relatives are planning to get a baby “dragon” this year. Some are confirmed and some have arrived. How about you married ones out there? As for me and hubby, we decided to have an "express baby dragon" asked for my niece RK to be our goddaughter.
This lovely girl RK has very special relationship with us, or rather me especially. When my sister EK gave birth to her 7 years ago, My late brother-in-law asked me to enter the labour room to accompany my sister instead of him. He sai…