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Happy mother's day (A belated post)

Picture: Me, MIL, Anneth (Niece)
To all fantastic moms in the world- Happy mother's day!
Just a brief explaination on the picture above and my belated wish. My MIL was admitted to hospital and has just been discharged after 3rd cycle of her chemotherapy. MIL was diagnosed having uterine cancer since a year ago. Unfortunately, after battling with her cancer, the doc found another hit: She has colon cancer.
As tough as it sounds, we are keeping high spirit and pray that MIL can enjoy her life to the fullest and we want to spend as much quality time to help her accomplish her dreams e.g. travelling.
Life is too short to miss all the tidy bits of wonderful moments. So treasure our loved ones while we still have each other.
I love you mummy, and to my mommy up in heaven.
God bless! :)

Now a :) face

A :( face :)