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Taiwan Winter Trip #4 - Jiufen

I must say our whole journey was truly blessed with wonderful. Thank you, the sky of Taiwan for being mercy on Journey us.
Journey on Freeway a.k.a Highway In Taiwan, we learned that there are ordinary roads, express way (lots of time on elevated roads), & freeways (highways). All the roads are interconnected to other districts & provinces. Really convenient.
Entering the Town of Ruifang
Buddhist Temple at the hill of Jiufen
Standing at the observation deck oversee the Pacific Ocean
Hi! :)
Look at these gorgeous, colourful flowers!
Jiufen Tea Museum. Simple & sophisticated. 
I absolutely love the creative artists who furnished the interior decor of the museum mostly reclaimed wood.  Aren't they beautiful? Such great appreciation to the construction materials.
Grandma Lye's Q balls dessert
One of the cafes. We enjoyed the mixed balls soup with dry noodle mixed with soy sauce.  Great food for a chill noon.

Artistic signage

Taiwan Winter Trip #3

Day 2 we chartered ChenTai van for sight seeing at various places
The Grand Hotel
Me & B Christmas is coming.. The Christmas interior decor really warm our hearts..
Zhonglieci - The Matyrs' Shrine
We arrived just on time to observe the guards change shift where the they performed very interesting action as well

Taiwan Winter Trip #2

From Taoyuan International Airport, we arranged pick-up by our host ChenTai Homestay. We checked-in to (ChenTai) Mrs. Chen's Homestay almost around noon.After settling down with our luggages, Lily, sister of Mrs. Chen taught us our 1st lesson - How to travel by the metro. The tip as which platform to hop on to is to always refer to the last station.. 
Finally the evening came.. From Wufenpu, we walked about 1km to Raohe nighmarket for dinner & look see

It's a happening place at night
Our dinner:  Braised pork with rice + herbal lamb soup  for a chill evening. Not bad..
Fried stinky tofu with cabbage pickle.  Yum!!!  Hey! It's Taiwan nightmarket! This is a must try!
Hello yellow duckling!  I heard you're famous in our country,  you know? ;)

Taiwan Winter Trip #1

Hi! Hi! How have you been?
Finally settled with late mil's matters.
We've planned this since January 2013 & she would have joined us if she was still around..
Anyway, finally after a long wait, it's time to fly! Look! The dawn has come!
After took off., we were greeted by majestic Mt. Kinabalu. How lucky!
I love the weather. Really blessed
Touched down! Ahh Taiwan! & the long awaited journey to the winter is finally here. Awesome!!